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Unbelievable but true - next week at this time I'll be a college graduate! It's been a long road and it isn't over. Two weeks after graduation I start grad school. I started working at Child Study Center in May. I was planning to work four days a week and take six hours per semester, but just found out a couple days ago that we are now required to take nine hours a semester. So hooray! I'm in for another three years of craziness! I'm excited though. I have really grown a lot since I went back to school There will be more challenges ahead but I think I'll be ok.
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motivated-and rambling about my smp

My summer semester is OVER!!! Well, it won't officially be over til thursday morning but I just have my last art appreciation test, which will not be hard. Yesterday I had to give presentations in BOTH my classes. The worst was definitely art because I had to talk about my project and explain it. Very scary, but I did great. Well, relatively speaking. I still have a long way to go with my public speaking but I am really getting over the freaking out over it. My voice just barely quavers now instead of full blown shaking like it used to. Logic says if I actually practice my voice will become stronger and I'll get past that. Well maybe I of these days.
But, I am excited now because I'm getting motivated to return to some hard core alkalizing.
While working on my self management project I added an exercise intervention to help me fall asleep. I am in my fourth week now. One result is I'm getting fit again. Data shows I actually am getting to sleep faster, but not as fast as I'd like. I'm hoping that sticking to this routine of at least 30 minutes a day will lead to normal sleep patterns. If I throw active alkalizing into that mix who knows what will happen.
Speaking of my smp, I am quite pleased with the results. I did indeed love the class, though aspects of it were disappointing. I was expecting more classroom discussion of our ongoing projects, but that didn't happen. Sandy likes to give us "library days", which I appreciated last semester, but not so much in a five week course! That said, my project has resulted in me changing my bedtime from somewhere around 1:30 am to 11:pm and I'm getting up at 6:15 am EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS!!!!! I can NOT believe this. I love it though, I have always wanted to be a morning person, and never could get there. I just didn't know how to do it. In order to do this I had to conquer my computer ocd. This seemed impossible. But all I had to do was start setting the timer, get off when it sounded, and then REINFORCE getting off. I did this by going to my room and reading books i had been wanting to read. This was just one step in the process of getting my bedtime to 11 pm. I then had to do the same for reading (set timer and reinforce going to bed - I used pleasant positive thoughts). I didn't actually succeed until I started setting my alarm and getting up when it went off. I had planned to do this so many times, but usually it was like this " I'm going to start getting up early and exercising" Two behaviors that I really didn't want to do. A recipe for failure!
I am hopeful that I will be able to keep this up. I think I am through the hardest part which was after I started getting up with the alarm and my sleep onset insomnia kicked in with a vengeance. The exercise intervention is helping that. Now I've come full circle with my rambling so that's it!
PS I've lost my little card that tells me how to do lj cuts. If anyone cares to refresh my memory that would be awesome!
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I made an A in Abnormal Child Psyche! I was so worried about this class all semester. I felt like I did well on the final but the grading has been so erratic that I couldn't be confident. The grades were just posted today. So with an A in Chemistry and A's in my two behavior classes I made 4.0 for the semester, which means my UNT gpa is a solid 4.0. TCC is at 3.9. This should bring my overall gpa up to 3.8 possibly 3.9 which would be awesome.(I'm so proud!)(( I feel like I'm entitled to brag to my Live Journal)) : )
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My summer class,Behavior Principles and Self-Management won't start for another two weeks, but I already LOVE IT. I need to learn self-management SO BADLY!
I have read 2/3 of the first textbook and I'm working on a couple behaviors right now.
Because of my particular neurology it's going to be difficult for me to employ the principles, but I am going to try like hell to get the hang of it.
One of the first steps involved in changing any behavior requires lots of data taking. Writing things down and thinking about antecedents and behavior chains in not something I am good at. However, the more I try and the more I think the more hopeful I become that I can turn myself around.
The behavior I am targeting for my project is going to bed earlier. I haven't clearly defined "earlier" yet but I'm thinking I will shoot for 11 o'clock bedtime instead of my current (derived from data) bedtime of approximately 1:30 am.
In order to accomplish this I will have to interrupt the behavior chains that sitting down at my computer touches off.
My plan at this point involves - moving the comfortable black chair into my room, which combined with a book I want to read, will serve as a reinforcer for getting off the computer. Once off the computer, hopefully by 10:30 or earlier, I will go to my room and sit in the comfy chair and read till I get sleepy. When I feel sufficiently sleepy, I will get in bed, and TURN OUT THE LIGHT. If I am not asleep in ten minutes I will get out of bed and read some more.
This is a bit rambling even though I intended it to be readable. My apologies to anyone who actually tries to read it!
Some ideas I have for getting off the computer - coming up with a preplanned agenda of things to do - Check email, check facebook, play a game of typing maniac or two, play a game of scrabble or two and then get off.
One of my problems is my compulsive nature - so I am instituting a rule that states when I finish one game of anything on line, I must pause for thirty seconds and determine if I REALLY want to play another game or if there isn't something I'd rather do ( there usually is)
Anyway, I have a lot more work to do on this but I just wanted to get my initial ideas on record.
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Yoga and my shoulders

I took a Bikram yoga class in Dallas a few weeks ago because Denise was back in town teaching for a couple weeks. It really helped my shoulders, so now that school is out I got a one month unlimited pass and I'm planning to go as many days as I can to try to heal my shoulders.
Tomorrow will be my fifth day in a row. It has been amazing. The first day I was pretty limited by the pain. I couldn't do camel, I had to have my right hand on my hip during triangle, had a real hard time with standing bow and couldn't get my arm to rotate back on the right side without a lot of pain. I had to sweep my arms into place very slowly and gently on eagle. Standing legs apart head on the floor pose ( name escapes me) was very hard on my right shoulder and I had to modify it.
That night after the first class, my shoulders were both very sore and hurt at night. I was worried that the yoga might be a bad idea.
Each day has gotten progressively better. I have no pain now unless I stress the joint in a way that aggravates it. But it is harder and harder to aggravate it. I can reach behind me now with my right arm like to get something out of the back seat of my car. Today the only thing I couldn't do in class was triangle with my right arm extended. But I totally did camel, the second set. I did an awesome standing bow, just have to go into it very slowly.
Yesterday when I was doing the legs apart standing head on the floor pose something popped in my right shoulder and then it didn't hurt in that posture.
I am feeling really good overall due to the toxins being released. I feel a productive day coming on tomorrow. And who knows maybe I'll be able to swim this summer after all.
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Josiah Leming

This is a really great write-up on Josiah. Nicely shows the effect his music can have on people. The song, Appalachia is amazing.

Hosted by Michael Halloran. Produced by Myles Crawley. Interview edited by Rich Aquino. Performance edited by Ryan Parker.

By: Myles Crawley

Well, today’s the day I have been savoring for some time. While we were at Sunset Sessions we met a guy named Josiah Leming. Like Megan Corkrey, Josiah was flying under the radar. He wasn’t performing at Sunset Sessions. He wasn’t really supposed to be there at all. He had been brought down to Rancho Bernardo by Perry Watts-Russell and Julie Muncy from Warner/Reprise Records. Like Megan, Josiah was on American Idol. I think he made it to #20 or something.

When Josiah arrived at our area where we were shooting our interviews, he stood off to the side, profusely smoking a cigarette. It seemed to me that he was deliberately blowing his smoke at us, which irritated me. I was just about to go over and tell him to piss off when Perry introduced us. So at that point my mindset was – OK, let’s get this over and done with and get him out of here. We decided to have him play first and interview later. This would give Halloran a chance to get acquainted with Josiah’s talent and capabilities. He sat down and picked up my Martin and played a song called “Appalachia”.

Have you ever been close to an area where lightning has just struck? If not, let me explain. You feel like your hair is standing up on end. You can hear the crackle of electricity running through the air. You can feel the tingle of it on your skin. As Josiah was singing and playing, I felt all of the above. It felt as if time was running exceptionally slow. I was totally tuned in to every note that Josiah was playing and singing. Extraordinary feelings to say the least. I’ve been in some very unique musical circumstances, but here I felt like I was privy to something akin to seeing Bob Dylan or Elton John before the world ever knew who they were.

My daughter, Alana, was there working as a Production Assistant. She has an amazing ear for music. When I looked at her, tears were streaming down her face. Then I realized that my eyes were welling up. I looked at Halloran and he was standing there with his mouth open. We were all trying hard to comprehend what the fuck was happening. It seemed the only ones still in control of their faculties were Ben Ricciardi (Josiah’s manager), and Perry Watts-Russell, who had a huge smile on his face. Ladies and gentlemen, I must admit that this was an experience that maybe happens once or twice in one’s lifetime, if your really lucky.

After his interview, Josiah played a few more songs on piano for us which we will share with you in the next few days. His album isn’t out yet. When it comes out, go and get it. Until then I hope you enjoy Josiah in this unassuming setting held backstage at Sunset Sessions.
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(no subject)

I haven't posted in so long. This semester is a butt kicker. I am glad I'm taking chemistry. I think it's quite fascinating, but it requires SO much studying. The switch to organic chemistry is a nice change this week. Drawing molecules is ok. I don't expect it to remain this easy. But I appreciate the break. So I actually have time to study for my psychology exam. I really need to because currently I have a C in that class. It's the only C i've had since returning to school and it's killing me. I am also very nervous about my research paper because the expectations in this class are high. I'm really hoping for at least a b. My behavior analysis classes are not difficult at this point, though critiquing articles for my survey class is getting way old. I am now looking forward to the summer session during which I'll be taking a behavior self-management course ( I saw the syllabus today and it's a little scary ) and ART APPRECIATION. I need that for some reason, but I get to take it at TCC. (love)
Anyway, I am about studied out for this semester and just hanging on hoping to get through it all.
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I did my presentation for my survey class today. I was SO nervous all morning and then once we got into class for some reason I calmed down. I had told all my friends that my voice would shake and I can't control it, because that is what ALWAYS happens. Today is the first time since I was a small child that I did a presentation, especially as long as this one was and my voice did not shake. I am SO proud of myself! I got 39/40 points, lost a point for something minor and I don't care because I am just so beside myself with joy over this!
I think a lot of it was the security of the power point and that the lights were dimmed. I also think that the topic, video modeling study, was very interesting to me and I have a lot of confidence when talking about this type of thing. At any rate, I made it through a very stressful couple of days and came out ok. I had a psych test last night and don't know how I did yet but it wasn't terribly hard. I am hoping for at least a good b. Since I didn't study a whole lot I will be happy with that. I got both my article critiques done, and even got my homework done for Behavior principles. I got 100 on the respondent conditioning quiz first try. So I am pretty happy. Now I can turn my attention back to chemistry. I missed the test on Sat because class was canceled due to the snow. Now I have to hope I remember the stuff from those chapters. I have worked ahead into the next two chapters even though we haven't had the lectures yet. I understand most of it but the lectures will help.
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I've had three of my classes so far. Saturday I will have chemistry. I think the semester will be manageable. My survey of Behavior Analysis Literature class is a lot of reading and summarizing and critiquing articles but no tests. The only freaky thing is I have to give a presentation. Ack. I do still dislike those. Can I do it without my voice shaking???
I LOVE my abnormal child psych class! The teacher is young and funny but still knows her stuff and is very businesslike. We have to write a research paper and a paper on The Child Called "it" book. We also have in class assignments. This is a once a week class as is chemistry so since I've never taken a class once a week it will be interesting. I've already done a lot of the reading plus some in both those classes. The last class is Behavior Principles 2 which is quite a lot like the first part of the course with the exception that our quizzes will be on line instead of teacher created. Again we can be exempt from the exams if we maintain an A throughout, which would mean I only have two exams to study for. That would be great seeing as the psych exam shouldn't be real hard and the other is Chemistry. I will need to study myself to death on that one. Overall I am excited about the semester and considering a presentation is involved, I'd say I've grown a bit since I started back to school.
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Executive Function

I figure I should post today since this is the last day before the new semester starts. I haven't posted in a while so it's way overdue.
I am torn between doing a lot of things today that I should have done over the break and just screwing around because it's my last day to do so. I really want to get Reagan's bedroom finished. We moved the bed and cleaned under it (not an easy task)a couple days ago. We still need to go through her piles of accumulated crap and move the other furniture around for a change of pace. So I guess I'll do that.
I have already wasted a bit of time surfing the net for the zillionth time looking for information about executive function. Why is it that NO ONE has figured out how to help when this is such a HUGE problem. If you combine all the ADD cases with all the Asperger Syndrome and Autism cases you would probably end up with something like 1 in 35 people suffering from impaired executive function. Throw in all the old people and the number is even scarier. Eventually, all of us losers are going to have to be in charge of things, because at some point NO ONE will possess executive functions and the whole world will be sitting at the computer playing games. WHAT THEN??? Somebody with executive function needs to get off their butt and figure out how to help the masses!