xlormplover (xlormplover) wrote,

Executive Function

I figure I should post today since this is the last day before the new semester starts. I haven't posted in a while so it's way overdue.
I am torn between doing a lot of things today that I should have done over the break and just screwing around because it's my last day to do so. I really want to get Reagan's bedroom finished. We moved the bed and cleaned under it (not an easy task)a couple days ago. We still need to go through her piles of accumulated crap and move the other furniture around for a change of pace. So I guess I'll do that.
I have already wasted a bit of time surfing the net for the zillionth time looking for information about executive function. Why is it that NO ONE has figured out how to help when this is such a HUGE problem. If you combine all the ADD cases with all the Asperger Syndrome and Autism cases you would probably end up with something like 1 in 35 people suffering from impaired executive function. Throw in all the old people and the number is even scarier. Eventually, all of us losers are going to have to be in charge of things, because at some point NO ONE will possess executive functions and the whole world will be sitting at the computer playing games. WHAT THEN??? Somebody with executive function needs to get off their butt and figure out how to help the masses!

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