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I've had three of my classes so far. Saturday I will have chemistry. I think the semester will be manageable. My survey of Behavior Analysis Literature class is a lot of reading and summarizing and critiquing articles but no tests. The only freaky thing is I have to give a presentation. Ack. I do still dislike those. Can I do it without my voice shaking???
I LOVE my abnormal child psych class! The teacher is young and funny but still knows her stuff and is very businesslike. We have to write a research paper and a paper on The Child Called "it" book. We also have in class assignments. This is a once a week class as is chemistry so since I've never taken a class once a week it will be interesting. I've already done a lot of the reading plus some in both those classes. The last class is Behavior Principles 2 which is quite a lot like the first part of the course with the exception that our quizzes will be on line instead of teacher created. Again we can be exempt from the exams if we maintain an A throughout, which would mean I only have two exams to study for. That would be great seeing as the psych exam shouldn't be real hard and the other is Chemistry. I will need to study myself to death on that one. Overall I am excited about the semester and considering a presentation is involved, I'd say I've grown a bit since I started back to school.

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