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I did my presentation for my survey class today. I was SO nervous all morning and then once we got into class for some reason I calmed down. I had told all my friends that my voice would shake and I can't control it, because that is what ALWAYS happens. Today is the first time since I was a small child that I did a presentation, especially as long as this one was and my voice did not shake. I am SO proud of myself! I got 39/40 points, lost a point for something minor and I don't care because I am just so beside myself with joy over this!
I think a lot of it was the security of the power point and that the lights were dimmed. I also think that the topic, video modeling study, was very interesting to me and I have a lot of confidence when talking about this type of thing. At any rate, I made it through a very stressful couple of days and came out ok. I had a psych test last night and don't know how I did yet but it wasn't terribly hard. I am hoping for at least a good b. Since I didn't study a whole lot I will be happy with that. I got both my article critiques done, and even got my homework done for Behavior principles. I got 100 on the respondent conditioning quiz first try. So I am pretty happy. Now I can turn my attention back to chemistry. I missed the test on Sat because class was canceled due to the snow. Now I have to hope I remember the stuff from those chapters. I have worked ahead into the next two chapters even though we haven't had the lectures yet. I understand most of it but the lectures will help.

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